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Advertising posters are one of the most effective means of attracting consumers’ attention through the composition of images and a specific message. We can find them everywhere. In canopies, in shop windows, in windows, on fences, etc. A bombardment to which we are exposed every day and which often causes us to end up ignoring them and perceiving them as just another element within the urban landscape.  

The point is that, for it to be effective and fulfill its purpose, which is to persuade the purchase, the design must  captivate and ensure that the brand and the product we offer are remembered.  For this, certain basic elements that have to do with the design are necessary. How can we make our billboard stand out positively and our message reach our audience?

Consistency with the corporate image

The brand must always be present on the advertising poster. And we are not just referring to including the name and logo of the company , but also to making it consistent with the brand image , with its way of working and with its values.  

Original images

In a world as visual as today’s, there is no doubt that photographs play a very important role in the design of advertising posters. In this sense, it is advisable to avoid clichés and look for images that attract attention. Of course, they must always be of quality, have the appropriate resolution so that all the details can be seen perfectly and that the printing work is taken care of.  

Simple design

We recommend that you avoid designs that are too baroque, as this will not help in any way to understand the message of the poster. Remember that users are usually distracted on the street, so the message must sink in very quickly for it to be effective.  

Large typography

The message of our advertising poster is not only supported by images, but also by text. Therefore, it is essential that it can be read well. Always opt for clear typography and, if possible, make it bold and large.  

Clear and direct message

Avoid beating around the bush and include a single clear and direct sentence so that it can be easily understood instantly.  This will make our advertising signs much more effective.   

Quality printing

No matter how much we try to create a good design, if the printing of the advertising posters is not good, they will not be attractive. Also, remember that if it is going to be displayed in the street, it is essential that the materials and ink are resistant. 

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