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Creating a good flyer impression requires knowledge of design and advertising. That is why certain resources are recommended to obtain the best results with each of the potential clients.

The recommendation is always to hire a specialized designer or an advertising agency but to help you if you want to do it yourself… We leave you the main points that must be given importance!

Know the concept and objective

It is important to know and understand the concept of what you want to publish in an online impression of a flyer. The message cannot be ambiguous or complicated for the target customers to whom it is directed.

When printing flyers, resources are being invested in printing brochures. This is why the objective must be clear and well defined.

Flyer design with quality images

When you need flyer prints, the design represents the cornerstone that unites clients with the work.

Generally the design is done from top to bottom or from left to right as it is customary to read. This allows more important content to be placed in these print areas than in the opposite ones.

The most important thing should be highlighted by playing word games, with their shapes, colors, and sizes. It does not matter that the person who picks it up does not read the content, but by seeing the printing of brochures they can identify the brand and what the advertising is about.

When printing flyers, they must look clear, perfect and of quality. It is more striking and interesting to see than many letters that give information and probably almost no one reads.


In the world of marketing there is a term called CTA in English Call to Action which means “call to action” in Spanish. That is, the flyer that has been designed and to which an impression has been made , includes an element that invites the person who receives it to take an action.

Examples of this would be filling out a form, calling for more information, obtaining a gift or discount coupon, among others. It should be eye-catching, short and prominent.

The impression of a company’s advertising must have a short message, but one that is forceful and remains with customers as an identity of the brand. The message must make users fall in love, be catchy and fun. Attractive slogans with specific images are the best message for good advertising.


The creation of the design for the online printing of advertising through flyers must be related to the product or service that is being offered. An example is promoting a childcare service using children’s images, pastel colors, toys or games.

In the case of sales, you must be able to see the product or service that is being offered. If the message gets through, the objective of the flyer will be achieved.


Flyer printing allows you to manage the visual field in such a way that people can find the business you are promoting with a simple glance. It is important that this online printing company has an address, contact, website, social networks, something where the business or product in question is located.