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Free Traditional Wedding Menu Card Templates for MS Word

Wedding is an essential ritual of every civilized society of the world. Young men and women are used to marry each other, and this is how the human race reproduces. It is a natural phenomenon but also involves a whole lot of involvement. It is not only about the couple going to tie the knot but also about the close people. People from among friends, family, and fellows are used to participate in the wedding event. The wedding can thus be considered as an event of a broader level. People are served different dishes and a variety of drinks. A wedding menu is planned quite before the time arrives.

The wedding menu templates are used to design and draft such stencils. The ready-to-apply templates allow people to create some exquisite menus. There are various styles that one can try to create wedding menus the way they like. Some unique styles are described below.

#1 – Wedding Banquet Menu

The floral wedding banquet menu is one of the most commonly used wedding menu templates. It adds flowers to the menu while providing space for the content at the same time. One can try any specific shape of flowers and can choose any kind of color as well. It depends on the wedding theme in general, but one can also pick a color by matching it with the bride or groom’s dress. This type of wedding menus are most commonly used all around us.

Wedding Banquet Menu Template for MS Word

#2 – Food Menu for Beach Marriage Party

Food wedding menu templates are also very common as far as their class is concerned. Many people love to have an abstract wedding menu for their wedding ceremony. People with aesthetics that are attracted by the art are used to try such menus. It has given a special look to a menu and provides people the class they are looking for. One can make an impressive menu by trying the following form of the beach marriage menu template.

MS Word Food Menu for Marriage Party

#3 – Summer Wedding Food Menu

Print-ready summer wedding food menu templates are furnished for final use. One can fill in the information before making a move to destiny. The busy routine of wedding ceremonies leaves a little lesser amount of time for the people to manage their routine tasks. And this is where print-ready templates can prove productive. They can allow people to develop a menu in no time.

Print-ready Summer Wedding Food Menu Ideas

#4 – Ribbon Wedding Menu

A ribbon may not sound that special for some people, but at the same time, one cannot deny the elegance that a ribbon is used to add. The ribbon menus will always look unique than the ordinary templates. Every receiver will feel so special on receiving a card closed with a ribbon. It will always give a special touch to ordinary-looking cards.

Beautiful Ribbon Wedding Menu Template [Docx]

#5 – Classic Wedding Food Menu

Modernity is loved and tried by many entities, but still, some individuals want to go with a classic style. It does not matter, even if they have to choose a stencil for their wedding ceremony. Classic wedding menu templates are often tried by people that love the traditional style.

Microsoft Word Classic Wedding Food Menu Format