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20+ Event Menu Templates

It is quite common to be hosting parties at special occasions and events. Birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas parties, and various other such events take place throughout the year when a number of guests are invited. There are so many things that need to be planned for such events, such as the venue, decorations, invitation cards, etc. Another vital part of such event arrangements is deciding on the menu, arranging the catering service, and then printing out the menu to be handed out to the guests. Event menus, however, need to be designed in a way that they go well with the theme of the event and look aesthetic. For this purpose, event menu templates could be used to come up perfect menus for your upcoming events.

24+ Food Menu Formats

Various formats can be used when designing a food menu. It is important to choose a format wisely that fits your specific requirement perfectly. The most popular menu format is to arrange the food items in meal categories such as starters, entrees, main course, and desserts. Another format is to have an arrangement based on the mealtime, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with today's special. The former format is mostly used by fine dining restaurants and at events and parties, while the latter one is usually used at cafes, delis, and more casual settings.

21+ Restaurant Menu Templates

Of course, the most common and obvious use of menu cards is in the restaurant industry. There are a number of different restaurants all around the globe serving various kinds of food cuisines; however, what they all have in common is a menu that is presented to the customers to choose and order from. Thus, every restaurant owner needs to create and design a restaurant menu. There are many restaurant menu templates available here which could be used to add the dishes your restaurant is offering. There are also many customizable templates available which can be altered to align the menu with the theme and setting style of the restaurant. Many restaurants also include a short about us section on the menu's first page to tell their story and create relationships with their customers.

27+ Printable Menu Planners

Many people, especially those with busy schedules, like to plan their menu for the week or even for the whole month. People on a diet or those who are trying to achieve specific dietary requirements every day also like to list what they are going to eat each day so that they could shop for groceries ahead of time. Menu planning is also very common in households where house-help or a chef does the cooking. For this purpose, menu planners are needed that list day of the week and provide spaces to fill in the food to be cooked for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Various printable menu planners are available here, which can be printed out and filled out regularly to help with the menu planning process.

20+ MS Word Menu Templates

Microsoft Word menu templates are easily editable and excellent for making alterations and customizing online templates. Any menu template without editing and making changes is good for nothing because each restaurant offers a different variety of dishes and quotes different prices for each of their dishes. Thus, being able to easily edit the text of the template is extremely necessary. Moreover, customizing the design according to the restaurant's theme or the event for which the menu is going to be used is also a great idea as it looks more appealing and appropriate. Microsoft word menu templates can be easily downloaded, altered, and personalized.

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How do you layout a food menu?

Along with the format, the layout of a food menu is also something extremely important. The layout needs to be such that it is easy for customers to navigate the menu and find the items they are looking for. Generally, it is a good idea to have a vertical orientation for menus, especially if it consists of more than one page. Also, make sure that the sequencing of the food items makes sense; for instance, the breakfast items should be mentioned before the rest of the menu, and similarly, starters should be mentioned first, followed by entrees, then the main course and finally dessert.

How do I create a menu template in MS Word?

If you do not want to use an online menu template, you can create one from scratch on Microsoft Word. It is extremely easy to create your menu template in MS Word. You can find a lot of free menu template here in Microsoft Word format; all you need to do is choose one of the available menu templates from the selection and download it. Once this template opens up in MS Word, you can start editing and adding your text and pictures. If you want a menu booklet, add more pages from the insert tab and add your content and graphics to each page, and your menu template would be ready.

Tips for Writing Great Menu Descriptions

Menu descriptions are very important because they add to the presentation and service of the restaurant. Following are some tips that can help you write good food descriptions for your menu that work as appetizers before food is even served!

  1. Keep it crisp: It is important that the descriptions are very brief and crisp because, lets be honest, no one would like to read a story to decide what they want to order. Therefore, ensure that only the most important ingredients are mentioned, giving a fair idea about what the dish will be like.
  2. Keep it accurate: It is very important to be precise and accurate about the food descriptions. You cannot have a customer expect something entirely different from what you will actually be serving. This would reflect poorly in restaurant reviews.
  3. Sprinkle some adjectives: You must write such food descriptions that a customer reading them could create a mental picture of the food. This would encourage them to order.