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7+ FREE School Lunch Menu Designs for MS Word

The school lunch menus are designed to lure the children for the food. Before developing a catchy menu for a canteen always considered free School lunch menu template designs available here. Food holds unique value for growing children. It is vital for physical growth and is even crucial for mental development. All school-going children require doing strenuous work out in classes and homes. They are also used to remain active in playgrounds, and that what demands a continuous supply of edibles.

They need food thrice a day at every cost. They need to eat something in the noon while they are at their schools. This is why schools are used to provide quality food items to the children. Canteens in schools are involved in non-stop supply of healthy food to the kids and teenagers studying at a school.

Elements of a school lunch menu template

Every school menu is supposed to consist of some vital sections. Just like all other food menus around us, a school menu will also follow the standard format. The food items, respective pictures and, the relative price are likely to remain on the leaflets designed as menus.

1 – Name and logo of the school

Identity comes first, even in the case of a food menu. A school food menu will always carry the school name and logo on top of the menu. All school lunch menu designs and templates come with space for the school name and logo. It adds value to a general-looking food menu and makes it look authentic and valuable. It is usually added on the cover page and remains part of the back page of the leaflet. Many food menu design carries the details of the official entity.

2 – Sections and categories

Every school menu design will offer details about different categories of food being provided at a canteen or dining hall. It will break the offers into the form of categories and subcategories. Students are likely to order different foods on different days, and a menu needs to carry all the details in order to facilitate them in the ordering. Adding necessary sections makes a food menu look beneficial for the reader.

3 – List of menu items

Standard school lunch menu templates and designs are used to carry the items in the form of lists. These lists are available under a specific category of every food item that is available for servings. The list of menu items helps students in the decision-making and is helpful in order processing. The waiters can pick and process an order in a quick time if the menu items are correctly listed.

4 – Price lists

All good food menu will offer a price against every single item. A menu is likely to contain offers, but the price makes an offer look useful on a menu.

5 – Photos of the food items

Some school menu templates carry the item names, while others will offer pictures of the food items to make them look even enjoyable. Students find it fancy to work with a menu with pictures.

Different Types of School Lunch Menus

#1 – Weekly Preschool Lunch Menu

Weekly Preschool Lunch/Snack Menu Template [Letter size]

#2 – Nursery School Menu

Free Nursery School Menu Example [Microsoft Word Format]

#3 – Primary School Lunch Menu

Customizable Primary School Lunch Menu Template

#4 – Middle School Lunch Menu

Standard Middle School Lunch Menu Sample

#5 – High School Menu

Printable High School Menu

#6 – Weekly Kids Lunch Menu

Weekly Kids School Lunch Menu Template [MS Word Format]

#7 – Elementary School Food Menu

Editable Elementary School Menu Format in MS Word